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Potato Chip & Wine Pairing

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Potato Chip & Wine Pairing
Potato Chip & Wine Pairing

Great news, everybody: Wine and food pairings don’t have to be fancy. Seriously. It’s not all about matching foie gras with the perfect, rare barrel-aged vintage French wine. You might feel elegant sipping on vino – especially if you like to hold a long stem glass with your pinky out – but the truth is that wine tastes great with all kinds of food, including your favorite snacks. 

Case in point: the humble potato chip.


Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

In the food and wine pairing world, tangy loves tangy! Salt and Vinegar chips demand wines with high voltage acidity A bit of these salt of vinegar chips alongside a sip of our 2021 Albarino actually tones down that sharp tang these chips have and creates the perfect balance.  It has a bright acidity and snappy citrus to cleanse your palate of any oiliness from the chips. Also try these with a sauvignon blanc! 

Pairing: Albarino 

Lay's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

When you think of ‘Italian white wine’ we’ll bet dollars to donuts—or perhaps, in this case, pennies to potato chips—that your next thought is Pinot Grigio! Beloved for its light to medium body, good acidity, and clean, fruity notes, Pinot Grigio is most commonly paired with lighter fare, like fish, shellfish, and salads. Real enthusiasts, however, know that its A+ acidity also complements saltier, richer fare, like fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, and… potato chips? Yes, potato chips! Join us for a walk on the snack-y side of life, where Pinot meets Potato and lives happily ever after…

Pairing: Pinot Grigio


Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips

We know what you're thinking, wine and Doritos... it's the pairing you've always been dreaming of but were too scared to admit. When it comes to a cheesy chip, just think cheese board and wine pairings! Our go-to pairing for sharp cheddar cheese is a lush fruit-driven Merlot! Ripe strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry fruit flavors are balanced by a firm tannin structure making it the perfect complement to these Nacho Cheese Doritos! 

Pairing: 2019 Merlot 


Cheetos, which are corn-based, convey a cheesy sweetness akin to a nutty, aged gouda. Similar to gouda, Cheetos can also withstand pronounced tannins. Cheetos, oddly enough, pair well with Sirah! While Cheetos have a strong tangy quality, a Sirah with voluptuous body, a rich mouthfeel, and deep, dark, concentrated fruit won’t clash with Cheetos’ unique flavor profile. It’s almost like a palate reset between bites and sips.

Pairing: Petite Sirah

Lay’s BBQ Potato Chips

Here's the thing with rosé, it really is such a versatile wine it will go well with any chip on this guide but it definitely will pair alongside the BBQ chips the best! I am pairing our BBQ chips with Rainy Rose because of its  lush sweet fruit that brings out the sweetness in the BBQ chips. One of the main ingredients in BBQ chips is honey and sugar so this rosé does a beautiful job bringing out the sweetness in these chips without overwhelming them!

Pairing: Rose

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